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I Live For You

This song is by Chynna Phillips and appears on the album Naked And Sacred (1995).

You touch my hand, I live for you
Because you're eyes they understand, I live for you

Come to me,
Lay your body down,
I wont deny you, anything
Look at me, I feel so different now,
You're the one i cry too

You're all around me,
I breath you in like air
You're arms have found me,
Like waves that find the sand,
And baby i'll be there

You touch my hand, I live for you,
Because your eyes they understand, i live for you,
In my life, you come through,
I live for, I live for , I live for you.

Walk with me, the future's in the wind,
Though the road is winding, under me
Talk to me, tell me all your fears,
Im the one you cry too.

You call me lover, and told me im your life,
I wont run for cover, ive shown you who I am
And in my darkest nights..


In you're arms
I come alive
(Live for you, Live for you)
In my life, I am free
No-one could ever understand,
What you do to me


You hear my soul, so deep in you,
No body knows the things you know,
I live for you
In my life
(In my life)
You come through
(You come through)
I live for I live for I live for
I live for I live for you