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Naked and Sacred (1995)Edit

Chynna Phillips - Naked and Sacred
Naked and Sacred
  1. Naked and Sacred
  2. When 2000 Comes
  3. Remember Me
  4. I Live For You
  5. This Close
  6. Till The End
  7. Turn Around
  8. Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me
  9. Follow Love Down
  10. Jewel in My Crown
  11. Will You


  1. Life Ain't No Dress Rehearsal (B-Side of "I Live For You")
  2. Free This Feeling (B-Side of "Just to Hear You Say You Love Me")
  3. Unfinished Buisness (B-Side of "Just to Hear You Say You Love Me")

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Other SongsEdit

  1. Baby It's Cold Outside
  2. Jennifer
  3. Sweet Little Jesus Boy

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