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Album by Chuck Prophet.
  1. What Can You Tell Me
  2. After The Rain
  3. I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See
  4. Run Primo Run
  5. Storm Across The Sea
  6. No Other Love
  7. Elouise
  8. That's How Much I Need Your Love
  9. Summertime Thing
  10. What Makes The Monkey Dance
  11. Old Friends


  • Chuck Prophet: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, vocals, bass, synthesizers, percussion, tamboura, 4-track recorder
  • Jason Borger: organs, electric pianos, synthesizers, clavinet, piano, Chamberlin, vocoder, vibraphone, string arrangements
  • Rob Douglas: bass; additional guitar on track 1
  • Michael Urbano: drums
  • Jim Bogios: drums
  • John Mader: drums
  • Mr. Tidypaws: saxophones
  • Andrew Borger: drums and percussion on track 7
  • Stephanie Finch: vocals and accordion on track 2, gang vocal on track 4, siren vocals and Casio synthesizer on track 8, backing vocal and synth strings on track 11
  • Greg Liesz: pedal steel; additional acoustic guitar on track 6
  • Max Butler: Omnichord on track 8
  • Mark Pistel: echoplex on track 7

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