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Guilty As A Saint

This song is by Chuck Prophet and appears on the album Night Surfer (2014).

I was just an altar boy
'Til I lost my way
Signed up for the war
To see who I could save
Uh, but baby, I'm back on the street
My lace a little longer
My mind on repeat

Guilty as a saint...

Darkness was my enemy
The dark was my friend
I was a connoisseur
With my own blend
'Til one day the light the light fell on my face
I began to moan
Six billion people in the world
And I sleep alone

Guilty as a saint...

Guilty as a senator
Guilty as a judge
Sorry I couldn't be
The man I never was

I wandered through the wind and rain
My head in my hands
I had nowhere to free my mind
Nowhere to even stand
Well, then I met an angel
Right here on the street
She couldn't play the harp at all
Or even keep a beat
Guilty as a saint...

Guilty as a saint...

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