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Ford Econoline

This song is by Chuck Prophet and appears on the album Night Surfer (2014).

She pulled over, said, "Climb on in!"
I did what she said
She turned the music up real loud
It was the Talking Heads
Didn't matter where we were going
Made no difference to me at the time
Takes me back when I hear that song
Makes me feel warm inside
Ford Econoline!

Ever since the beginning of the world
The beginning of time
Somebody said that the road was his
Somebody said, "No, it's mine"
Some folks are born 'neath a sign on the road
Close enough to turn and leave it all behind
Fall together like the Rock of Gibraltar
Guitars and drums inside
Ford Econoline! Ford Econoline! Ford Econoline!

Criss-crossed the country in two-tone job
It was a 1985
Mile alter mile we was burning oil
We couldn't keep it alive
Laid out flatter than a Chinese rug
When she went her way, I went mine
All these memories like dirty plates
Stacked up in the sink of time
Ford Econolinel Ford Econolinel

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