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Homemade Blood (1997)Edit

Chuck Prophet - Homemade Blood
Homemade Blood
  1. Credit
  2. You Been Gone
  3. Inside Track
  4. Ooh Wee
  5. New Year's Day
  6. 22 Fillmore
  7. Homemade Blood
  8. Whole Lot More
  9. Textbook Case
  10. Kmart Family Portrait
  11. Til You Came Along
  12. The Parting Song

The Hurting Business (2000)Edit

Chuck Prophet - The Hurting Business
The Hurting Business
  1. Rise
  2. The Hurting Business
  3. Apology
  4. Diamond Jim
  5. It Won't Be Long
  6. Lucky
  7. God's Arms
  8. I Couldn't Be Happier
  9. Shore Patrol
  10. Dyin' All Young
  11. Statehouse (Burning in the Rain)
  12. La Paloma

No Other Love (2002)Edit

Chuck Prophet - No Other Love
No Other Love
  1. What Can You Tell Me
  2. After The Rain
  3. I Bow Down And Pray To Every Woman I See
  4. Run Primo Run
  5. Storm Across The Sea
  6. No Other Love
  7. Elouise
  8. That's How Much I Need Your Love
  9. Summertime Thing
  10. What Makes The Monkey Dance
  11. Old Friends

Age Of Miracles (2004)Edit

Chuck Prophet - Age Of Miracles
Age Of Miracles
  1. Automatic Blues
  2. Age Of Miracles
  3. You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)
  4. Smallest Man In The World
  5. Just To See You Smile
  6. West Memphis Moon
  7. You've Got Me Where You Want Me
  8. Pin A Rose On Me
  9. Heavy Duty
  10. Monkey In The Middle
  11. Solid Gold

Night Surfer (2014)Edit

Chuck Prophet - Night Surfer
Night Surfer
  1. Countrified Inner-City Technological Man
  2. Wish Me Luck
  3. Guilty As A Saint
  4. They Don't Know About Me And You
  5. Lonely Desolation
  6. Laughing On The Inside
  7. If I Was A Baby
  8. Ford Econoline
  9. Felony Glamour
  10. Tell Me Anything (Turn To Gold)
  11. Truth Will Out (Ballad Of Melissa And Remy)
  12. Love Is The Only Thing

Other SongsEdit

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  1. A Woman's Voice
  2. Down Time
  3. Freckle Song
  4. Freckle
  5. Heart Beat
  6. Heart Breaks Like The Dawn
  7. Hot Talk
  8. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
  9. Love Won't Keep Us Apart
  10. Museum Of Broken Hearts
  11. New Kingdom
  12. Talkin' New Kingdom
  13. Temple Beautiful
  14. Woman's Voice
  15. Would You Love Me?

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