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How You've Changed

This song is by Chuck Berry and appears on the album One Dozen Berrys (1958) and on the album The Chess Years (1991).

This song has been covered by The Animals under the title "How You've Changed".
Ge, you've changed since the day you told me your name
Yes, you've changed, your kisses don't feel the same
How, you've changed, our romance to play from dance
First you told me that you loved me and I believed

Then you sold me with the vow that you'd never leave
Now you scold me, caring not how my heart grieves

Hmm, how I've loved you, since the day you told me your name
Yes, I loved you, thinking you all the wild that'll upsane
And I'l still love you, even knowin' I know you've changed.


Written by:

Chuck Berry

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