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What's the Word

This song is by Chubb Rock and appears on the album The One (1991).

(Minister Farrakhan)
Mr. Bush, you better check out your OWN part
In the divine drama. You may find YOU the Devil!

(Chubb Rock)
Listen... cause in 1990
Chubb Rock and the gang is on a banned mission
Hostility will rule like a Jamaican ??
And ooh filled with dumplings, hopefully no dumpings
Like guns will be present while I keep the people jumpin'
Not too much, South Africa isn't free yet
I spoke to the kids from Brooklyn to T-Neck
New Jersey, and they heard me while I cursed the
White minority regime, painted an ill scene
Brothers and sisters over there dyin'
Mandela in a cell in Robin Island
Thank God he's out now - and while I sing
I know he has things in a full swing, yeah
This year crumb-snatcher Thatcher, we're gonna catch her
Being a klutz, her husband is a drunk putz
He acts absurd, now what's the word?

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