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This song is by Chubb Rock and appears on the album The One (1991).

"No one can do it better"

(Chubb Rock)
You see that black man over there, bring him here
You see the one with the blunt, put him in the front
'Cause it's time to prepare, some kind of strategy this year
It's only been about ten million months
That we were lost in the sauce
But of course with the help of the boss
We prevail and now we're on this positive scale
But now it's time to take it one step further
Preferably without any obvious murders
If you don't ?? I don't give a shit
If you do it to a man of our shade
You definitely played, yourself and us
And then the heritage crust will be crushed to puss
Cause of your lust that you must just bust
A man of your own kind, you must be blind
Archie Bunker and Joey's gonna snuff ya from behind
One day - 'cause we easy prey to get
It's not a threat place a bet recollect the terms met
Many years ago that we're inferior
And inferior people shouldn't know they're really superior
And yo - it's time to listen, tick-tock, tick-tock
Comin' from Chubb Rock so check the clock and organize!

(Malcolm X)
Anytime you look at yourself
Be you black, brown, red or yellow
A so-called negro
You are you represent a person
Who poses, such a serious problem for America
Because you're not wanted

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