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Another Statistic

This song is by Chubb Rock and appears on the album The One (1991).

Four out of... ten murders... are love related
Keep your 'ood, in-a your pants
And dese tings won't 'appen to you
Check out da bwoy-a-story

(Chubb Rock)
Tell him! Excuse me, I beg your pardon
Inform him, that Chubb is playin' in your secret garden
'Cause he didn't cut - the lawn, correctly
I have a green thumb, you're not dumb, that's why you sweat me
You wanna have your cake and eat it too, so do I
You're sneaking around, we're sneaking around, so why
Do you wanna continue, comin' to every venue
You don't tell him, I'll offend you
This ain't right so put him down on the scoop
That you're a blow-up sex doll for every group
Where are the footsteps that you followed
Tippy-toed to my crib and did me a solid
You answered every question I ever had
On the female anatomy - after you sat on me
Cheating is more serious than the taking of pellum (?)
So tell him, before I tell him

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