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Memories In F Minor

This song is by Chronic Future and appears on the album Lines In My Face (2004).

Your the element of surprise that none of us were prepared for
The dead body behind the curtainthat we couldn't help but stare towards
This afternoon you were an only child and a friend to me
This evening you're not breathing you're just a seed of a memory

Memories of better days
Turn the pages back to a faded photograph of
Memories of yesterdays
The years'll pass by but they'll never bring me back to you

My memory remembers presently everything from that night
My senses always sensor any awful images or sights
But I didn't get to see through the eyes his poor mother did
I just ask why she had to be the one to discover him

All I ask is a better day
A better way
To carry the weight of you
I sing this song to remember the days
When I wasn't afraid
To carry the weight of you

To the friend that I love who has different roots of blood
You are the earth that makes the mud that comes from rain that made flood
We cycle in and out of what our lives are capable of
And throughit all I Thank You for teaching me below and above

I had a friend who was way to young to die
I guess death is just one of those things some people do to earth

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