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The Least We Can Do

This song is by Christy Moore and appears on the album Ride On (1984).

The least we can do, is make the world a better place
Not just for the few, but for the human race
To end wars and quarrels, make John Lennon's dream come true
To build a new set of morals, It's the least we can do.

Show some love and compassion, when people are feeling low
Make it not just a fashion, that may come and go
Bring an end to oppression, 'cause it imprisons the truth
And be free with expression, It's the least we can do.

So follow his rainbow, deep into the evening sun
And pray that its colours, will blend together as one
Seek and we may find, the dream he loved to pursue
A peace for all mankind, it's the least we can do.

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