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​Goodnight (I'm So Sorry)

This song is by Christopher Jak and appears on the album The New Nostalgia (2005).

Don't believe a word I say
I've been lying to your face all day
See I've got my own rules
We play, I win, you lose

I've had a long life of lovers in my time
These days there's just one
Now I'm sorry your not that one

Goodnight, oh I'm so sorry
I didn't take you home
Sorry for leaving you alone
Oh, I've tried so hard to tell you
But I was never strong enough
So now you know
I'm so sorry girl, but falling is as far as I go
Goodnight oh I'm so sorry, yeah

Both of us staring down at your feet
You could finally see what I mean
I don't want to treat you this way
You know I just won't stay
You were sayin'
Don't go
How could you know

Yes I have done this before
And I will do it again
It's just more fun to pretend
That we will be more than just friends

I like the way that you look
And even a moment ago
That was before I told you so

Now you know
NOw you know
Now you know

Goodnight, oh I'm so sorry now
Goodnight, oh I'm so sorry now
Goodnight, oh I'm so sorry now
Goodnight, oh I;m so sorry now