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This song is by Christon Gray and appears on the album School of Roses (2014).

(Taelor Gray)
Tryna remain decent... on my d-scent
Uh the layaway... oh, not yet? Ok, that's cool.

Yo, uh

The layaway flow, 'lot things been on hold I been paying for something He gave away though, guess I felt obligated probably since the day I came home, don't make a lot of sense the problem is I'm day to day low on change... say it ain't so probably spent a lot of days on condemnation I paper played for... moping I'm motivated that done made me change clothes, I'm django I feel like a slave so I'm cautious to say no but on the same note I'm bossin', I stay broke, but on the same note I'm flossin' knowing good and well I'm out of my range so I'm falsin', falsetto vibrato I lost it. Singing 'i am a god', but this ain't livin' if you just buyin Lebron's & this ain't winnin' if you just tryin' for bronze... medallion, I used to keep my eye on the prize, nostalgious

(Christon Gray)
My oh my, my blue eyes tellin' me a story I described as a true crime felony uh, the cruel world through the pupils of a school girl I'm doing my best not to let it take form... uh, to my surprise I'm nothing more than a pedigree working like a dog to keep the dogs off my door, but every dog has it's day, so I'm torn between the home or the tour, the rose or the thorns uh, I'm doing my best not to let it take form... me and my angels triangle is the norm, but I'm caught up in the circles, spinnin' wheels till I'm worn, push 'em to the edge, edges look worn, so I'm kneelin' at my bed till my circle transform to an octagon red, still I ignore... back to the circles now, I'm back in the storm, blue gray eyes gotta skype her in the morn' and night night Taamya, to mommy it's the norm, the honeymoon is gone, back to the swarm, I'm making more money, but honey ain't impressed, 'cause she knows 'bout the stress and she knows about the porn... I can feel the disconnect, I can feel it even more, tryna take a breath, but there's nothin' like a scorn, I'm feelin' so withered ain't no sunshine when she's gone, I gotta go get her the circles ???

Uh, yo

This is king meets Calvin, cold blooded a hundred below kelvin, this nostalgent harder to read the Melville on the same tide and we rollin' like Yelden... I drop anchor, vibin to Ben Tankard all of this appetizing, mind of a Don Draper, gold rush in the tomb with the finer things, meetin' women on the fly, grew some designer wings... ribbon in the sky, how cruel is the irony, I may never see it on my stool in the winery, was in the swimmin' pools callin' it the liver pool red-eye, used to rock forces like a jedi... turn puma, turn lunar in eclipse did the son preach my funeral the universe is sixth-pense... none richer journey big up in the system elevation is forever, in dwelling is the sixth sense...

At times I tend to lose focus, SHOULD, I scratch lines surrender then hopeless, OR, flat-line my own dreams of show-biz, SO, His love could shine through this opus ...

I remember that moment like yesterday, your smile came through the clouds... Nothing else mattered more in that moment when you called me out of the ground... ey

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