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Introduction To The One-Song Musical (Honey, We Have To Talk)

This song is by Christine Lavin and appears on the album Shining My Flashlight On The Moon (1997).

This is a one-song musical for people who don't have the attention span to devote an entire evening to theater
The title of the musical is that five-word phrase that strikes terror into the hearts of men
Guys, you know what that phrase is, it's:
"Honey, we have to talk"

It's late at night
There's a man in bed all tangled up in blankets, almost asleep
And there's a woman sitting up on the edge of the bed with a rather fretful look on her face
And she looks over at him and she says:
"Honey, we have to talk"
"About what?"
"About us"
"What now?"
"Well, I think we should discuss where our relationship has been, where it is, and where it's going, and I know there's something I really feel I have to tell you now..."

She simply sings him this song
This is a duet, but the woman does all the singing