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Heaven Desired

This song is by Christine Denté and appears on the album Voyage: Journey Of Prayer (2009).

I am going where the means of grace shall cease
Where I need no more to fast or pray or seek
I am going where no grief or fears can live
No more tears or sorrow, no more shame or sin

Where I'm going there's no sickness
No more death
No unhappiness
And I won't be back again

I am going where I'll see the perfect sight
Find the sweetest food to fill my appetite
Where the music plays the finest melody
For the soul that finds its happiness in thee

I am going where I'll finally draw close
With my body and my soul
To the One I've longed to know

I am going where I shall be near to thee
In thy kingdom, dwelling with thy family
And when I arrive, I'll be satisfied

This beginning of my life
It's the heaven I desired

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