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Babe Mix

This song is by Christina Milian.

Round round baby round round
Spend the night on me
I don't need no man, got my kids for free

Voolai Voo Cooshe' Avec Mwah Siswa
Voolai Voo Cooshe' Avec Mwah
Remember the night on the street, Moulin Rouge

In our family portrait
We look really happy
Let's play pretend, act like it comes naturally

What took you so long
What took you all night
What took you forever to see I'm right

Every girl wants you to be her man
But I'll wait right here till it's my turn
I'm not the kinda girl who gives up just like that

Tell me what do you think you see
You're standing in your corner looking out on me
You think you're so predictable

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