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In Heaven

This song is by Christian Wunderlich and appears on the album Real Good Moments (1999).

When I think of all the moments, full of love and tenderness
Shivers running down my spine, feeling your caress
And I linger in the memory of a love that's so devine
You're everything that I desire, I wanna spend my time

Chorus :
In heaven with you, in heaven so true
From the very start and heart to heart, a love I never knew
In heaven with you, in heaven so true
How I wanna see us walking hand in hand
(You and me in heaven)

Every hour, every minute I pretend that you are near
With the love that you're givin', it's almost like you're here
From a distance I can touch you, the wonder that we share
I want you here to stay with me, yes I'll be there

(Chorus) x 4

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