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Spend The Night Together

This song is by Christian Walz and appears on the album Christian Walz (1999).

It's your hands
That will make it happen
It's your lips that will make me smile
It's your sounds that will sooth me
Through nights of happiness
When I've been inside of you
Now I know you long for me
You know I saved my sould for thee

Let's spend the night together
Lovin' is for two
Look into my baby's eyes
Let's spend the night together
Lovin' is for you
Look into my baby's eyes

By your smile I can see
You found heaven
And only missing it made you cry
But your mem'ries will sooth you
Through nights of loneliness
Just by touching yourself
Good night
While your beauty tears me apart
We'll make love
To the beatings of our hearts

No one know
What it will lead you through
Maybe longer or a year or two
That's the fear, that we will say
Good bye
It's my love that's gonna get you high

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