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More Then Flowers

This song is by Christian Walz and appears on the album Christian Walz (1999).

I'll give you more then flowers
I'll give you my world
I'll take you trippin' to the birds up above
I'll give you my batman powers n' ride in my car
And all time in bed is a suprime time game with a superstar

Now here im asking you whats up whats new
Asking busy bimbo what else to do
I'm wondering how he push his lies
Sitting here trying to catch youre eyes
Laughing at the things shown' up in my head
All the things that will leave you red
With roses his trying every trick in the book
I catch your eyes and i give you the look


Then again im sitting here alone
Watching while some creep trying talking to taking you home
Well it might be alright but onley one night
He wanna' take you home be that realy life
All beacuse some flowers he can buy
Mr.Fucker just cant see
You slap his face and you come over to me

-Chorus- Untill fade

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