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Homeward Rolling Soldier

This song is by Christian Kjellvander and appears on the album Songs From A Two-Room Chapel (2002).

With sleepy eyes we made our way across
Where friendship's found friendship is often lost
With valiant wishes of becoming ends
But there will be no such with you my friend
I'm going home, going home
To be where my water meets my stones
I'm going home, going home
The social traveller journeys on his own
Darkness you can't see where you're going now
There never was light in your eyes some how
Who's to blame when something living is dead?
So many words should have stayed in your head
So many thoughts should not have left your bed
I'm going home, going home
To tend to the lover and the dog
I'm going home, going home
He who yearns to age must firstly grow
That which is your prime you do not know
Boy boy boy boy
I'm going home, going home
To drink from the chalis of another
I'm going home, going home
To mount and feed and groom and ride alone
For he who is myself I do not know