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The Chase

This song is by Christian Kane.

A little bit of Bourbon
And a broken neon sign.
Once again I'm riding shotgun
To everything that's on my mind.
Just a bartender
To tell my troubles to.
I just haven't found a way
To say, I'm so in love with you.
You could hear it in my voice,
See it on my face,
You left me with no choice
But to leave you for the chase...

I-35 in the pouring rain.
A leopard skin suitcase and a pocket o' change.
Last I heard she left for Dallas
So I'm checking every motel in sight.
This pick-up truck can't move fast enough, no,
We had our problems and times are tough.
I just can't believe you're leavin'
Over three words I couldn't say last night.
See it on my face,
You left me with no choice but
To leave you...
A little Tequila...
And a broken neon sign...
And just a bartender
To let you know what was on my mind,
He said you could hear it in his voice,
See it on his face,
You left him with no choice
But to leave you
With the chase.

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