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Skeleton Kiss (The Iron Mask Version)

This song is by Christian Death.

Churches should be there
I think of adventures of admiring corpses
I'm retiring in the corner

Five more minutes and we'll all be dead
Five more minutes and we'll all be dead

Skeleton closets, close up tight
Perfect illness gone clear of life
In the frightened presence

Nailed to a heart felt decision
If God turns today I'll meet you in hell
Well I'll meet you in hell, Will I meet you in hell?
Yes I'll meet you in hell

Look in the eyes of the six fingered beast
Percussion is a cancer spreading to your cage
Blue light, beauty's got it's victim by the tail

(Five more minutes and we'll all be dead)
See beginners on a bed of nails
Won't you meet me up with your kiss
And give me

One moment, one moment of bliss, one moment of bliss
Flesh to bone is a purity process
Touch.. touch.. before the fall
Before the fall, before the fall

(Five more minutes and we'll all be dead)

Temptation is food, open your mouth and accept it
Open your mouth and accept it...

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