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Dream for Mother

This song is by Christian Death and appears on the album Only Theatre of Pain (1982).

I'm dreaming about her mother dying
My mind is set at ease
Number the bodies, spreading disease
Nodding to acquaintances to be sure
Making 'Him' a household word

I'll introduce realism, the eye of the beholder
The final resting places of many would-be heroes
In a New York City park after dark
The time of clinical death is fixed
Death is fixed
Don't be frightened

Necrophiliac relationship during the freezing process
Note the murders, grisly attitude
Crossed above my head to protect it from the rocks
Palliations from a weaker sex
Palliations from a weaker sex

Palliations from a weaker sex
Palliations from a weaker sex
I'm avoiding what I can see
Dreaming about her mother dying

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