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I Don't Want To See You Cry Again

This song is by Christian Bautista and appears on the album Christian Bautista (2004).

I don't wanna see you cry again
Missed the pot of gold at rainbows end
cease the day you try to fly and fall
I just want to see you standing tall

I don't want to see you cry once more
Careful of the world by shutting doors
Not a bit affeted by the crowd
I only want to see you standing proud

Tell me where it hurts
And I will ease your pain
Through the stormy hurl
I'll shield you from the rain
Gonna find what's wrong
I'm gonna make it right
Hoping with my song
There'd be no need to cry

And though you've shed
A thousand tears before
I don't want to see
You cry once more
And though it's been a while
Since your last grin
I just want to see you smile again

Together dreaming dreams
Of a brighter tomorrow
With hopes from day to day
Rid ourselves of the sorrow
We'll make this world
A better place to live
I don't want to see you cry again

I don't want to see another tear
Knowing that it flows from pain and fear
Rather I will show you how to live
Even if it takes my life to give

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