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The Prodigal

This song is by Christafari and appears on the album To The Foundation (2007).

Inspired by Luke 15:11-32, Luke 15:1-10

Chorus: The prodigal
The prodigal
The prodigal son come a home (Repeat)
He set off for a distant place and squandered all his share of the estate
Spent every cent on his party lifestyle and ended up working in a pig sty
"The servants have more at my father's home so in disgrace I will return"
His father saw him coming from a far and greeted him with open arms!

Yeah, yeah, yeah
The son come a home (Repeat)
Run go fetch him some water
Get him something to eat
Prepare the lamb for the slaughter
And let's start the celebration feast
The elder brother is scornful--Sibling rivalry
He never wanted to be part of his brother's celebration feast


Bridge: Oh rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice
He was dead but now alive
Rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice, oh rejoice...


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