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​Can't Stop

This song is by Christafari and appears on the album Valley of Decision (1996).

Alleluijah! Can't stop praising the Lord! I can remember when I was younger puffed up and full of pride. Well I needed no one, I had my own fun, then Jah came in and changed my life

You know I can't stop praising you Lord, You know I won't stop praising You Lord (2x)
What a Joy it is to see all the things He's done for me

(Chat Chorus):
I am singing alleluijah, Giving out thanks and praises to the Father
I am Singing alleluijah, Giving out thanks and praises to no other

I'm on the free road, Jah carry I load, onward and forward trod on. And I'm under His wing (Psalm 91:4), unto Him I sing songs of praise and Jubilee

(Chat Chorus)

Mix it nice, Because I Praise the Lord in the sanctuary, nonstop I'm giving out praises unto thee.
Praise the Lord with the drum and the Bass, let everything with breathe give the Lord praise! (Psalm 150)

(Chat Chorus)

No need to worry, His yoke is easy (Matt 11:28-30), I cast my cares on Him (I Peter 5:7)
And I'm so excited, humbly delighted Heaven is my destiny

(Chat Chorus)

Question! I ask who else upon the cross died for your sins? Who else from the grave rose up again? Praise the Lamb the Conquering Lion, the only Messiah He rules from Mount Zion.

(Chat Chorus)