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This song is by Christafari and appears on the album To The Foundation (2007).

Inspired by Isaiah 63:1-6 & Psalm 40:1-3

So tell me who is this that is coming from Edom and from Bozrah?
With His garments all stained up in crimson
Who is the King of splendor?

Striding forward with greatness and strength
Speaking righteousness, mighty to save
Why are Your garments so red full of blood?
Just like the cloth 'pon the One on the winepress who trod

Chorus: This is reggae redemption songs because the people of the world them have to know what a go on now
Reggae redemption songs
So you (should) tell them what go on
So tell them what go on now
I waited patiently Lord for the Most High
He turned to me and He heard my cry
Ever so patiently Lord for the Almighty
He turned to me and He heard my plea
He put a new song in my heart
He gave a new tune, a new melody
He put this new song in my heart
Glory and honor I will sing unto Thee

(Verse one)

You see Him trodding on the winepress
Trodding on the winepress, yes (Repeat)
You nah see the Son of Man? See Him striding forward with greatness of strength
Speaking righteousness mighty to save
So you ask Him
Yo, why are Your garments so red just like the One trodding on the winepress?

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