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Wake Up

This song is by Chris Webby and features Knowledge.

(Verse 1: Knowledge)
I can't go every day with being sober
It gets kinda hard tryna cope with this devil on my shoulder
Belvi and some soda like, well I'm getting closer
To either heaven or hell every second I get older
Till I'm dead or in a coma
I'ma live life like, "Well it ain't over till it's over"
You're supposed to live every day like it was your last
But that in itself is a really hard concept for me to grasp, 'cause
If this was my last twenty four
I'd probably spend at least three of four praying to God for twenty more
I'm looking in the mirror at the man in front of me
Like I know everybody goes but I'm twenty three
That's I come off as reckless, respect it
I'm getting my money's worth every second
I'm less than perfect, but so are you
So who are you to judge me, I don't judge you

(Chorus: Three Days Grace sample)
I'm not sober all the time
You bring me down at least you try
Until we see this eye to eye
I don't want you

Courtesy of
(Verse 2: Chris Webby)
What's life? Fuck life yo I'm telling you what
I'm a nineteen year old rebellious fuck
Living each day like the next I might not wake up
That's why I always stay puffing a blunt with a full cup
Popping pills out the bottle till it's hollow
I'm going to hell, and y'all are more than welcome to follow
And if I'm not here tomorrow light an L in my memory
Pour out some Hennessy, fuck it just remember me
Gotta know I made a mark on this short time on Earth
Since birth I've been spittin' it proving my fucking worth
And for what? I try to give a fuck but I can't
Guess it sucks to be me, but I am who I am
And I am, just a man, who will stand
With his hands in front of him
Just waiting for some shit to hit the fan
And I cannot stop, music fuels my every movement
And drug abusin' helps bring creativity to my music
I may not be in tune with reality but my music is sick
And I'm so high that I defy gravity
So fuck being sober
Live life and enjoy it
'Cause soon enough the ride'll be over

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