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This song is by Chris Walla and appears on the album Field Manual (2008).

All hail your imminent collapse. You can fumble
Your maps, but we're exhausted by the facts.
We still believe old Henry's dream: An assembly
Line, a team; the firebrand, the steam. Who
Believes it more than we?

Pull the switch, and find the fireman! We need
More than funds - we need a plan, a solution;
We need efficiency.

We all are fractured factory lives, once filled with
Piss and drive, now old bees without a hive. How
Do we survive? There isn't room for me or you.
They just don't need us like they did when it was
New. Well, it's a life of shared commitments, a life
Of tightening the belt and moving on. Let's move
Forward, Alan! Let's move on.

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