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Our Plans, Collapsing

This song is by Chris Walla and appears on the album Field Manual (2008).

Our plans, collapsing: Our lives fall apart today,
And we cannot find the words to make it hopeful.
Our understanding brings no solace or repair,
And a storm now gathers hard above our heads
As we fade to sleep in newly single beds.

You cannot be my inspiration and I will not be
Your light. I tried to give you everything. You
Need to know I live to hold on, to hold on.

If I dreamt a bee sting, when I carved a gaping
Wound, you made for me a sling and tied it, truly.
You understood me, and that clearly makes it
Hard when I give myself to someone else's home.
You lived with me and now you live alone.

These hands of ours, they were a contract, those
Pinholes were our sky. There is no easy way from
Here to there; there is no kind consideration in
Falling out of love, but bless us both for trying
To be there. So hold on, hold on.

Stories in stories, line between lines; photos,
Postcards, and handwritten asides. We are stories
In stories in stories.

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