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You Can Count On Me

This song is by Chris Trousdale.

I watched you talking to your lover
I saw the tears in your eyes start to flow
You said you thought it was forever
What kind of fool could ever let you go?

But I know you still care
And I'll be waiting there

When your world's falling down
And your friends can't be found
And loves got you down on bended knees (Love is all you need)
Close your eyes, say a prayer
Call my name, I'll be there
You can count on me

Go on and cry, it's only human
Just let me be the one to help you through
I've always loved you from afar
Always reaching for that start that shines on you

So let me feel your pain
Cause you will love again

I'll always be there for you
Baby... Oh-oh...
Well I know you still care
But I'll be waiting there

(Your world's falling down)

Oh yeah...
You can count on me, baby
Say a prayer, I will be there
Cause you can count on me

I'll always be there for ya, baby
You can count on me
Ooh ooh...
Yeah Yeah

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