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Tongue Ring

This song is by Chris Trousdale.

Five foot three,
she put the O in low cut jeans
"Bad Girl" written on her baby tee,
but she sure look good to me.
You know not the ordinary,
she got me whipped like
cream without the cherry,
And for a playa -- me -- that's kinda scary
'Cause I don't fall easily,
you know...

Shorty got a tongue ring,
and you know that could
only mean one thing:
She's the bad type of girl
that you dream about,
but don't you dare
bring her home to your
mama's house
'Cause you know

Shorty got a tattoo,
a little devil on her hip
smiling at you
and though I like what I see
so why is it wrong
for me to believe
that Shorty could be right for me.

I bit my lip
'Cause baby girl,
she flipped the script
took a pen and wrote
her digits on my wrist
said to call me up and don't forget

I'm not gonna shower
'til I call her up
and let her know the hour
to come and meet me
on Sunset Boulevard,
'Cause I'm diggin' what
I'm seeing so far, Shorty...

(Tongue ring) Gotta tell you what it means to me, cause I think
I'm going crazy
Don't you know that I'll
do anything to get with her,
(Tattoo) Gotta tell you what it means to you
'Cause I think I'm 'bout to lose my cool
if I never get a chance to be down with that Shorty

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