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The River

This song is by Chris T-T and appears on the album London Is Sinking (2003).

Waist deep in the Thames on a Sunday morning
She kissed all her friends goodbye and she rowed away
Rain came down on Kingston, we stood silent
She will reach the sea in a couple of days

Will you keep the picture safe?
We will keep the picture safe

I went climbing mountains, high above the city
Looking at the river stretched out like a map below
All her friends were scattered to the corners
Nobody understood why she had to go

I will get my story straight
We will keep the picture safe

On the evening news a mother drowned her baby
As I sat there, I knew who to blame
Halfway down Embankment, hope was fading
Truth is nothing, will ever be the same

I will never see her again
We couldn't keep the picture safe

Face down in the Thames on a Thursday morning
Watch the picture float away


Written by:

Garth Brooks; Victoria Shaw

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