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Golden Hour

This song is by Chris Stills and appears on the album Chris Stills (2005).

I gotta little story to tell to you
But you gotta believe to make it true
This is a most unusual tale
Story of a bird and great big whale
Don't you know there just a world apart
Makes us all want to dream a tale of love

This is the Golden Hour...

Great big whale living in the sea
Swimming with his feelings and they run deep
Slick little seagull he done see
She's free as a bird, but she's free like me
Great big whale's gonna try to tear the world apart
Put it back together again so that they're never apart

This is the Golden Hour...

It only takes one moment to realize
Like when a shot rings outta the blue
When the feeling's true it's gonna feel like
One golden hour's delight

She sings me songs and keeps me company
And when she's tired she lands on me
Great big whalers come looking for me
She flies so high, sees them and screams
Even though we're just a world apart
That don't keep us from being, being in love

'Cause this is the Golden Hour...

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