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God Won't Make You A Man

This song is by Chris Stills and appears on the album 100 Year Thing (1998).

All this time spent on my own
I've seen a thousand different ways to reach God
All my fear, where does it belong
There is the beast inside that's drivin' me on

So you see I've walked alone
Carry the pieces of a bittersweet soul
Holy faith I trust in only one
That is the flesh and blood that makes my own

But imagination
My heart is breaking
Hear my call Kingdom Come

Come on show me tomorrow
Let us see if you can
Mama always used to tell me
God won't make you a man
So rock on rock on right on through to
That place where you know that you can

Don't freak out

Like a cold sweat I ooze up
From beneath the bitter earth
Crawlin' up slowly to discover
My own universe, as I see this
Horrible sight I just wanna die
Lord Jesus Christ gimme the
Strength to stay alive

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