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I Wouldn't Treat a Dog

This song is by Chris Spedding and appears on the album One Step Ahead of the Blues (2002).

When I was up, you'd always come around
When I need a friend, you could never be found
I got a hole where my heart used to be
I wouldn't treat a dog, no no, the way you treated me.

When time was good, Lord, all of your lovin' was the same
But when the goin' got rough, you hardly knew my name
You locked me out and you threw away the key
I wouldn't treat a dog, oh no, the way you treated me.

Hey, you got me cryin for the love that I'm needin'
Beggin' like a dog for a bone
Boy, I've spent most of my time grievin'
You turn you back and you leave me, one of these old days.

Lord knows that it's true
Just when you need me the most thatt's when I'll be walking out on you
When you say as you're beggin' down on your knees, oh yeah
I wouldn't treat a dog, hu-hu, the way you treated me.

The way you treated me I wouldn't do it to your dog
The way you treated me, no I wouldn't do it.

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