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She Closed Her Eyes

This song is by Chris Rea and appears on the album Espresso Logic (1993).

She closed her eyes
And let the walls of her prison fall away
The walls that ached with a timeless wait
They had become her walls of this modern TV life
She closed her eyes
And let them fall away
And in her dreams she is standing by an ocean
She is gazing out to sea
She can remember with just a fleeting glimpse
That she was once free
So long ago now, so long it was as if it had never been
Was it a holiday
She thinks it could have been, ah yes, Italy

And he closes his eyes
And he is gone far away
Gone from all this confusion
Gone from the pain
He can easily see what a pointless waste
This modern life has become
Chasing the gravy train
Chasing the dollar
Chasing the clock
Chasing his male friends
Chasing the boss
Chasing like it was everything
It was nothing

Only the sound of his own breathing was all he really had
At the end of the day
And reasons to wonder, reasons to cry
Too late for this selfish sinner who never asked why


Written by:

Chris Rea

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