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This song is by Chris Pureka and appears on the EP Chimera (2009).

The sun comes through the shade,
Lands on the ceiling
Meanders down the wall to where you're sleeping
And I'm trying to memorize
Your every morning movements
The roll and rise of you

'Cause it's too late to run
When you're caught in the snare
And I'm tangled in the barbed wire
You hung around your bed
But honey I'll never learn
It takes me so long
And when I finally fall
You know, they're always gone,
It's hard...

Early morning haze
Packing the car
What to bring and what to leave behind love
You've got a car full of clothes
You've got your Steinbeck novels
You've got your wine glasses
You've got your summer sandals
You've got your sunglasses
You're ready to go
To the gold state...
The gold coast...
And oh...

The sun comes through the shade
Lands on the ceiling
Came 93 million miles
Just to be here
Maybe it's not so far
Maybe it's not so far
Maybe it's not so far
To California...