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Pop Star

This song is by Chris Porro and appears on the album Lampreys and Gigolos (2004).

So you want to be a pop star?
You can start by lowering the bar
Get some platinum white teeth, an industry thief,
You might go far

So you wanna be a pop star?
Were you under-loved? attention starved?
Mommy out at the club? Daddy drunk at the pub?
All of the above?

Well I guess it's all right
We all love those rags to riches stories opening night
So turn it on star
And never turn it off while we're still tuned-in to your show
In which case, we'll let you know

That you're a pop star
A consumer good like food or cars
You're a mutual fund, you're diversified son
Safe for everyone

So you wanna be a pop star?
Well I'm more tempted as I write this song
Can't we all get along, we'll have fun at the beach
Here's my acceptancy speech

Put together your hands
For my producer and songwriter and ofcourse the fans
Oh, but give it up star
Cause you don't play yourself like John Wayne in some western town
In fact it kind of sounds...

Like you're a pop star.
Congratulations how you're hit the charts
A debut in top ten will they come back again
Take the money and run

So you wanna be a pop star?
You'll have to follow trends and work the crowd
Get a pitch for the biz
Guess it is what it is
Are you still with me now?

Did I mentions the fans?
Heaps of heaving teens are diving to land at your feet
So give it up star
You'll be Christ without agendas, and a smaller part
What do you think so far?

You wanna be a pop star?

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