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Merry Go Round

This song is by Chris Porro and appears on the album Lampreys and Gigolos (2004).

Here is your ticket the ticket man said
Now step aside son the shows over there
You turn apprehensive alone in a crowd
The smiles could be snakes but you know better now...

It's a merry go round, finally I'm in that place
Where the horse are smiling people
I'm sure it's a dream but I'm happy to be here
So spin me around in this merry go round
And I'm driving a cloud my horn is a lovers whisper
And she purring to come back to bed
And the sun will come down and warm us for breakfast
And every bit of your face is a merry go round

Could be I'm dying approaching an end
Could be a flashback from E when I was 19
The ticket man smiles could be he remembers
The day I showed up with no friends
And the horsed back then all played villains
The elephants roared like and untrusting world
But they're all gentle now!

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