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Fine Chance

This song is by Chris Porro and appears on the album Lampreys and Gigolos (2004).

Hard and believe it's the end of the world
Well I hope you have something to say.
I can pretend that I love you again.
Anyway that still works now and then

Since I'm going away, I've got nothing to lose
Write me postcards like tourists that say...

I was the one that burnt out your sun
And you were the one who changed me.
Back just 4 years in that dust rock prone town
The last time I kissed comfortably

We were lovers that wrecked, We had good fights and sex
With more passion and trust then we'd sense.

Let your lovers be heroes again. - (there's a fine chance of that)
'Cause we just see the best side of them - (there's a fine chance of that)
Now that their missed lets pretend - (there's a fine chance of that)
We'd do it all over again - (there's a fine chance of that)

Who wants to believe that there is no god?
Who wants to believe they're alone?
I set up my head so that I couldn't hurt
Kinda useless now that I've grown...

Far apart from that man
He's a foreigner standing
Guard for a roadside motel

Try to pretend that we're in love again
That I'm hot in your arms drinking you
I'm writing love songs 4 years too late
To a girl that I'm not sure I knew.

All that newlywed bliss
They've got nothing like this
We crushed stars with a butterfly kiss

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