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Soul Motion (1992) Edit

Chris Lizotte - Soul Motion
Soul Motion
  1. You Keep On Givin' To Me
  2. When It Dawned On Me
  3. Brother It's Alright
  4. Don't Let My Heart Turn Back To Stone
  5. Shine Your Light
  6. Come Unto Me
  7. At The Cross Of Jesus
  8. I Cried Like A Baby
  9. Tell Me

Long Time Comin' (1994) Edit

Chris Lizotte - Long Time Comin'
Long Time Comin'
  1. Gonna Take You Back
  2. Hold Me Up
  3. You Loved Me Still
  4. I Wanna Know The Father
  5. Heaven's Looking Better All The Time
  6. Long Time Comin'
  7. In Another Place
  8. Peace Be With You

A Loving God (1996) Edit

Chris Lizotte - A Loving God
A Loving God
  1. I Love Your Ways
  2. A Loving God
  3. A Closer Walk With Thee
  4. How Great Are Thy Works
  5. I Know That You Love Me

Big Heavy World (1997) Edit

Chris Lizotte - Big Heavy World
Big Heavy World
  1. The Almighty
  2. Do You Know Who They Are?
  3. The Breath Of God
  4. You Know My Name
  5. Gold
  6. It's My Right
  7. I Will Be Strong
  8. Far And Wide
  9. Big Heavy World
  10. The Sleep Song

EXP Live Worship (2000) Edit

Chris Lizotte - EXP Live Worship
EXP Live Worship
  1. His Banner Over Me
  2. You Know My Name
  3. Perfect Love
  4. A Loving God
  5. A Closer Walk With Thee
  6. God Of Mine
  7. You Keep On Giving To Me
  8. I Love Your Ways
  9. Give Me Jesus

Signal Hill Revival (2009) Edit

Chris Lizotte - Signal Hill Revival
Signal Hill Revival
  1. Sweet Mercy
  2. The Love Of God
  3. Brighter Day
  4. Good Morning Friend
  5. I Will Trust You
  6. Down At Your Feet
  7. Great Is The Lord's Love
  8. Glory To The King/I Shall Be Released
  9. O' Death Where Is Your Sting
  10. Deep Water
  11. The Child In Everyone
  12. Have You Ever Seen This Place

Power In Weakness (2012) Edit

Chris Lizotte - Power In Weakness
Power In Weakness
  1. Shadow Of Your Love
  2. You Know My Name
  3. Power In Weakness
  4. Peace In The Middle Of The Storm
  5. I Love Your Ways
  6. If I Were You
  7. I'm Comin' Back To You
  8. Clothed In Light
  9. Like A Child
  10. Foreigners In This Land

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