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Rainbow Rider

This song is by Chris LeDoux and appears on the album Powder River (1989).

Well, the sun came up this mornin', my ain't it a beautiful day
Heard that highway callin', time to be on our way
Girl, I never seen the sun shine brighter
I need you to be my Rainbow Rider
Your sweet smile can keep all the clouds at bay
So come on, get up, we can use a holiday

We're gonna drive up on the mountain, clear up to the timber line
We'll sleep out in the moonlight, way up their among the pines
In a grassy meadow with the stars up above you
I'm gonna show you how much I love you
We're gonna leave all our worries and our cares behind
So come on Rainbow Rider, time to rise and shine

We've been hangin' around this ole town too long
Can't you hear that highway callin'
The radio is playin' a traveling song, come on!

We'll wake up in the mornin' have coffee at a small cafe
Then we'll find a celebration, and listen to the guitars play
We're gonna run in the sunshine, dance in the moonlight
As long as you're with me everything will be just right
I might stop and pick you a sweet bouquet

So come on Rainbow Rider, let's be on our way
Yeah, we'll go up on the mountain, all the way to the top
We might just keep on goin', we might never stop!


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