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Chris Knight (1998)Edit

Chris Knight - Chris Knight
Chris Knight
  1. It Ain't Easy Being Me
  2. Framed
  3. Bring the Harvest Home
  4. Something Changed
  5. House and 90 Acres
  6. Summer of '75
  7. Run From Your Memory
  8. Love and a .45
  9. The Hammer Going Down
  10. The Band Is Playing Too Slow
  11. The River's Own
  12. William

A Pretty Good Guy (2001)Edit

Chris Knight - A Pretty Good Guy
A Pretty Good Guy
  1. Becky's Bible
  2. A Pretty Good Guy
  3. Oil Patch Town
  4. Send a Boat
  5. Hard Candy
  6. Down the River
  7. If I Were You
  8. North Dakota
  9. Highway Junkie
  10. Blame Me
  11. The River's Own
  12. The Lord's Highway

The Jealous Kind (2003)Edit

Chris Knight - The Jealous Kind
The Jealous Kind
  1. The Jealous Kind
  2. Banging Away
  3. The Border
  4. Staying up All Night Long
  5. A Train Not Running
  6. Carla Came Home
  7. Me and This Road
  8. Broken Plow
  9. Devil Behind the Wheel
  10. Hello Old Man
  11. Long Black Highway

Enough Rope (2006)Edit

Chris Knight - Enough Rope
Enough Rope
  1. Jack Blue
  2. Cry Lonely
  3. Saved by Love
  4. River Road
  5. Rural Route
  6. Dirt
  7. Up From the Hill
  8. Bridle on a Bull
  9. Old Man
  10. William's Son
  11. Too Close to Home
  12. To Get Back Home
  13. Enough Rope

The Trailer Tapes (2007)Edit

Chris Knight - The Trailer Tapes
The Trailer Tapes
  1. Back Water Blues
  2. Something Changed
  3. Rita's Only Fault
  4. Spike Drivin' Blues
  5. Move On
  6. Hard Edges
  7. Here Comes The Rain
  8. Leaving Souvenirs
  9. House and 90 Acres
  10. If I Were You
  11. My Only Prayer

Heart of Stone (2008)Edit

Chris Knight - Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone
  1. Homesick Gypsy
  2. Hell Ain't Half Full
  3. Something to Keep Me Going
  4. Heart of Stone
  5. Danville
  6. Another Dollar
  7. Almost There
  8. Crooked Road
  9. Maria
  10. Miles to Memphis
  11. My Old Cars
  12. Go on Home

Trailer II (2009)Edit

Chris Knight - Trailer II
Trailer II
  1. Old Man
  2. It Ain't Easy Being Me
  3. Highway Junkie
  4. Summer of '75
  5. Bring the Harvest Home
  6. I'll Be There
  7. Send a Boat
  8. The River's Own
  9. Love and a .45
  10. Speeding Train
  11. Blame Me
  12. Till My Leavin's Through

Little Victories (2012)Edit

Chris Knight - Little Victories
Little Victories
  1. In the Mean Time
  2. Missing You
  3. You Lie When You Call My Name
  4. Low Down Ramblin' Blues
  5. Nothing on Me
  6. Little Victories
  7. You Can't Trust No One
  8. Out Of This Hole
  9. Jack Loved Jesse
  10. Hard Edges
  11. The Lonesome Way

Additional information

Artist information:


Real name:

Chris Knight is a performance name for Chris Knight.

Years active:

1998 - present

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