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The Lamb

This song is by Chris Keator.

I heard a story (of a man)
Who laid down his glory (he knew he had)
To bear the weight of the world (what a price to pay)
One road, one passion (he knew the way)
That lay before him (the greatest power)
In his spoken word to heal (and set the captives free)
He was called the Lamb

He lived and died
Raise the dead in me
Was crucified
Raise the dead in me
All of Heaven knows the Risen One
Gods own Son, The Lamb

Thirty-three years later (they threw a cross)
Over his shoulders (up the road)
He gave His life for our sins (that we might live)
Through all the suffering (he had the love)
And cried out to the Father (forgive them)
For they know not what they do (his love never ends)
He was called the lamb


They took his body (off the cross)
And laid it down (in a tomb)
They rolled the stone and closed the door (what a sad day)
Only three days later (the ground shook)
And the earth, it trembled (the prophecy)
It was fulfilled victorious (he rose from the dead)
He was called the Lamb

(Chorus 2x)

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