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My All

This song is by Chris Keator.

All my life, I've tried to be
By myself, living for me
All those years, living in shame
All the while, you were calling my name

Lord I give you my heart I keep nothing from you
And I will never fear what you want me to do
And I'll stay in the race, Lord I will finish strong
I'll be right in your arms here where I belong

Oh my God'.
Guide me in truth, give me passion for you
Oh my God'.
Take my heart, and I'll live for you

Who you are is who I need
More of you, less of me
You alone are worthy of praise
Reveal yourself unto me

I will run the race, and I won't lose heart
I will not give in to the world within
I will never give up 'til I see your face
And I'll always love you my all

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