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More Than Anything

This song is by Chris Keator.

I've been searching, for what seems like all my life
For that something, to end my pain and strife
I'm tired of hurting, tired of being all alone
I hear you call Lord, I hear you call me home

I'm always worried, as if I don't have control
My mind is empty, and I can't feel my soul
I need your touch now, I give to you my heart
For a chance at life Lord, a brand-new start

And I need you, more than anything
And I want you, with all my heart
And I promise, I'll give you everything
'Cause I love you, you are my king

I see my friends now, they see that things have changed
I can't return through, the things I love are rearranged
But how am I different, I still desire to live that way
But God is faithful, get on your knees and pray

I call to you Lord, it seems that I am losing hope
I'm quickly reaching, the ending of my rope
Hold me close God, I know that you will get me through
'Cause your work is life, and every promise you made is true

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