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In This Moment

This song is by Chris Keator.

Standing in this moment, and I pray to God that I
Will have the strength to carry on
My heavy burden, my laden face, I weep with silent tears
For him who hears to take this pain away

I don't want to ask for something more than I can bear
But give me the strength I need to trust you more
With my future, my worries, and all I have to offer for love
Lord I love you, Lord I trust you, Lord your goodness cares for me oh
Lord guide me, Lord lead me on

I've found your freedom, seen your glory
Nothing feels the way you make me feel when I'm with you
I'm awakened with you saying spend today with me
I have so much to offer you

Lord, I've tried to live my life on my own
But then I realized that you're the source of all of me
I was running my race all alone, but then you came to me
Took my hand and led me on

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