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Best Days

This song is by Chris Keator.

There are times when I fall down
But I always get my feet back on the ground
Oh Lord, please help me, I don't know what to do
I've seemed to lost my passion my first love

But I try so hard, and yet I fail
Don't forget in this world, I'm all alone

Father, take me back
I know there's not much here
But this is all I have
Take my money, my fame
Whatever you want it's yours

Broken like a piece of glass
My head is spinning, I think I tried my last
But I know that this will all blow by
And this will be my last and only cry

There's nothing left to live for
There's nothing left to do
Lord, take me home to you

'Member the memories we shared
'Member the music we sang
'Member my dear I had
Those were the best days in the world

'Member the moments we shared
'Member the good times we knew
'Member the family I had
Those were the best days in the world

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